Insurance outpost – is a simple and convenient tool to provide insurance broker services.
Designed website provides the visitor the opportunity to obtain all the necessary information about the services online to apply for a return call, consultation or ask a question, make an online purchase.

The site implemented: online store with advanced search capabilities desired policy from the assigned parameters, web forms for online ordering, possessing automatic check for completeness and correctness of the entered data, E-mail and the user’s SMS-notifications, administrator E-mail-notification the occurrence of specified events.

For payment orders in the online store, payment system was connected PayAnyWay ( )

Site’s home page. Showcase online store that contains the full list of all the policies that are available for processing at the moment

Page Ordered service user’s personal cabinet. The table on this page shows a list of all orders executed by a registered user, with the ability to view detailed information about each order (the order card) payment orders for which such a possibility is available, upload pdf – version ordered by the policy. Before the policy will be paid, you can unload the provisional pdf – version of the policy. In this version already contains all data entered during the ordering process, in addition to confirming its authenticity (the number assigned by the insurance company, the digital signature of an insurance broker, print). After the policy is be paid, the final version of the policy purchased with all the attributes will be available to unload.

Order Card. This page contains full information about the ordering process, divided into blocks.

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