Portal of checking for a conflict of interest (SharePoint)

Portal – is a multiuser system automating the process of formation of the list of declared people, downloading information by declarants, processing and verification of downloaded data by the responsible employees.

Automated process consists of the following stages:

  1. Formation of the list of persons declared

Creating a list is happening on the page All individuals. A responsible employee takes all the employees and their relatives to be checked on the affiliation.

Also, the system contains a number of auxiliary directories:

  • “Categories of natural persons” – the directory containing the reason for the name and description of the declaration (office);
  • “The degree of kinship” – a directory that contains a list of family members who are in kinship with the declarant, which is the basis for the declaration.
  1. Gather information for inspections

The second stage – is to collect data on the declarants, entered into the list of declared shaped faces.

Responsible Officer initiates the process of sending notification emails to all declarants of the generated list of pages with all individuals .

After receiving of the notification, the declarant shall enter the portal and download the declaration in the prescribed format. Each sees in the declarant Portal only one page – your Dashboard.

  1. Conduct audits and submission of the results

The third stage – the carrying out of checks provided by the declarant with information on the completeness of the data on their reliability and on conflict of interest.

The test results on the completeness of the information provided on the page displaying the report “sent a document on the report.”

The results of the checks on the accuracy of the information provided and on conflicts of interest contained in the report “Reconciliation of data of natural persons.” This report consists of several ideas – incorrectly referred to the personal data; incorrectly listed company; Served natural persons declaration; Revenues indicated in the declaration; we found conflicts of interest with the following organizations.

Directory “All individuals.” Functionality: sorting staff and their families on all columns, viewing cards physical persons with the ability to edit the responsible officials

Auxiliary reference for the formation of a list of declarants. Directory “All legal entities” contains a list of legal entities which are grounds for declaring the audited employees

Report sent a document contains exhaustive verification of the data provided and the accuracy of the

The report, “Reconciliation of individuals” contains information about the results of the verification of the information provided on the reliability and on conflict of interest

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