Logistic Tool

Automated system of orders for freight distribution Logistic Tool provides the most efficient and least labor-intensive distribution of orders between trucks in the logistics company.

The purpose of creation is to maximize profits through the optimal allocation of orders between trucks, considering the deadlines of orders data set by the customer.

The decision takes into account the profit that can be derived from the performance of a particular order, the deadline for implementation, as well as the costs for the implementation of orders, load trucks, and other parameters.

The solution is implemented as a web application and supports the following key features:

  • Loading data from external files (MS Excel);
  • Viewing and manual editing of data downloaded;
  • Distribution of orders (by solving the transportation problem);
  • Manual adjustment of the queue of orders;
  • Unloading of analytical reports;
  • Status control of orders;
  • Differentiation of the rights and powers of users.

Reference system, which displays all of the raw data with manual establishment, edit and delete.

Page “control data”, which displays a list of all loaded into the file system with the status of the download and the user who performed this download.

View of the main operation screen for operators who are engaged in their processing and sending drivers to perform. The screen is divided into two parts, the width of which can be adjusted with one movement of the mouse. On the left displays the full list of orders, but only the right orders, distributed to the authorized operator. The operator can approve the order, redistribute manually or completely removed from the queue formed. After the operator will process all orders, he will be able to transfer them to the execution of drivers.

An example of the generated statistical report. The point of the report is to track the performance of the main carriers for any selected period.

Once the order is complete, the system recorded its key indicators, which are then taken into account in the reports.

The main working screen system for managers. It displays a list of all new orders with the ability to add, edit and delete. Also on this page is initiated payment, distributing orders received for trucks and operators.

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