Electronic document management Knowledge Base System (SharePoint)

The main objective of this system – automation of business processes related to the creation, processing and approval of documents of the organization. Also, it was necessary to arrange a convenient storage of already agreed documents and other information materials of the company and provide quick access to each employee, having the relevant rights.

The developed system consists of the following major sections:

  • Corporate Library;
  • Stored documents;
  • Interesting publications.

Corporate Library – a systematic data warehouse, which has easy navigation and search.

Stored documents – it is a working system partition. It automates the process of setting document for approval, sending by E-mail to responsible persons and fixing the results and performance of the document history.

Interesting publications – this is the section that allows you to preview new articles / documents posted on the company’s other resources.

This figure shows an example of the user home page. Power adjustable, each employee can choose which items to display on its front page.

Corporate company’s library is divided into sections that are displayed by default in a collapsed form. This organization of storage allows employees to quickly navigate, view documents only on the desired section. Marking a “New!” Allows you to highlight the new arrivals.
In this section are located the documents that are in progress. Every employee has the appropriate permissions, can view the document, his card, the current status and make changes.
Section “Publications Interesting” is organized in the form of a mosaic that allows you to display on the main page image of employees and announcements of new publications of all available resources in a simple and convenient way. The image shows that by clicking on the announcement of a page with the article on the appropriate resource.
This workflow automates the approval of the responsible employee of the documents added to the staff that does not have the appropriate rights

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