CRM Insects


Create a simple and convenient tool for working with customer requests.


  1. Improving the quality of customer service;
  2. Increasing the speed of processing applications;
  3. Minimizing missed applications by the fault of staff.

Main goals

It is necessary to automate the following functions:

  1. Creating the application;
  2. Working with the application (card);
  3. Track operator actions;
  4. Monitoring of telephone conversations;
  5. Keeping customer database of telephone numbers;
  6. Analysis of applications processed.

Within the framework of the implementation of CRM integration with virtual PBX onlinePBX was produced and developed internal chat based Telegram.

The main operating system screen. It is divided visually into 3 parts: header, which contains information about the current session and working tools, table Missed applications and the table with the processed declarations. For convenience, it was designed filtration system and AutoShow necessary information. For example, when you select a filter in the city, in a cap system displays the time in accordance with its time zone.

Section administration panel, which is displayed with the ability to create, edit, and delete the information necessary for the correct functioning of the CRM.

Card application, which stores information about the customer’s address. The tabs card displays a list of phone calls made by this application with complete information about him and the ability to listen to the recording and you can view the complete list of steps work on the application and a list of all changes made to it.

For operators’ communication in the system the chat based on the popular messenger Telegram has been developed. Chat in the system is integrated with the mobile application and supports the ability to create user groups.

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