Automated system for managing project risks (SharePoint)

Risk management – automates the following process of working with risk across the enterprise.

The developed system has broad capabilities:

  • All risks and activities are stored in a single workspace that provides quick and easy access to them for any employee.
  • Integration with existing company’s information system (Active Directory, etc.).
  • Adaptive interface.

The page Risk Register “displays all the institutions in the system risks with the ability to view additional information about each risk

The page “Action Plan” shows all the institutions in the system of measures for the identified risk management. For each risk, you can view the detailed information and appoint persons responsible for the execution of this risk. The responsible persons in the appointment will be sent to the e-mail notification. Also, on the due date of performance measures, the notifications will be sent to the responsible employees and the administrator by e-mail

The report “Risk Map” – a display of the current situation on the strategic risks of any, institutions in the system, the risk of the object. The report takes the form of radial diagram – Radar, where the risks are displayed in the zones and the degree of severity (the closer to the penny, the more critical risk is).

This workflow allows you to monitor the timely creation and execution of measures for the identified risk management by automatically setting goals Responsible Officer

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