Technical analysis of quotations

Forex – a money-market, the conditions for the success of which is the ability to handle risky situations and their own emotions, calm and precise calculation. The qualities which are not inherent in all human beings. In addition, a person is physically impossible to keep track of zigzag motion trend. That is why the IT-solutions such as trading robots and advisers appeared on the market.

The main drawback of robots and advisers is that the user does not know what they have inside at the end. How to trust their money a program when you do not know how it will make decisions about buying / selling? Marketing campaigns devoted to such robots confirm that you do not need any effort from the user,  that their decisions are completely independent and are set to make a profit. But if this is true, how then does the market keep? Robot – a great assistant, but the adoption of a decision – it is still the prerogative of man.

Our development embodies completely different approach. If robots and advisers focused on complete automation, Stocks Explorer is positioned as an assistant.

Each trader trades in its own way, but one of the most popular trade is based on the indicators signals. Professional market players equally successfully use fundamental and technical analysis. The so-called fundamentalists trade using macroeconomic data, reports, news and so on. That is based on a common analysis of the market.

Proponents of technical analysis is used to build pricing models using the benefits of computer technology (pricing models – a line on the chart, which usually follow any changes in the price fluctuations or other market data).


We have developed a desktop application that provides all the conditions for a comprehensive technical analysis of quotes. You can upload any quotes that you are interested in Stocks Explorer and run the algorithm for calculating pricing models. The calculation operates on the basis of the application stored in the historical database and based on arrays loadable in real time. Pledged in Stocks Explorer algorithms allow to calculate not only the pricing models, but also associated parameters, which makes it possible to make an informed decision to buy or sell currency.

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The principle of Stocks Explorer:


Advantages of Stocks Explorer:

  • automatic calculation of price patterns in real time;
  • opportunities for in-depth technical analysis of any quotations;
  • multiple windows;
  • customizable purpose of calculating and event notification;
  • unloading in Excel parameters, print charts.

Why is Stocks Explorer good for you?

  • You no longer have to build a pricing model by hand;
  • Time quotes analysis will significantly reduce by partial automation;
  • You will not miss any important events, Stocks Explorer will notify you by e-mail and applications in the information window as soon as it happens;
  • The decision to buy / sell can be taken on the basis of the forecast made on the basis of the built pricing models.

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