Development on SharePoint

Over time, the amount of information stored on computers in your organization increases. If you can not bring everything to a common center, and standards, work with the data will be problematic. Creating a portal is a solution to the problems associated with the above factors.


Who needs a SharePoint development

Catching up programming and development of the site, any programmer strives for minimum redundancy code, its understandability and reusability. Sharepoint is a unique platform for the realization of any functional. Flexible settings allow you to do a project on a truly personalized and meet the customer’s requirements. Implementation of the platform as well as the introduction of electronic document management systems can significantly reduce the time to find the information, edit it and send to other staff members.

Sharepoint consists of modules that include everything that is necessary to implement the company site. The internal web applications allow you to organize a special site for the work of employees in the joint operation. When processing a search query will be searched for a given section, which significantly accelerate the time to process the data array.

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Benefits systems on the SharePoint platform

  1. Familiar environment of the Microsoft –a sharepoint portal allows you to integrate with other enterprise products of the company.
  2. Mobile access –platform supports an adaptive mode that allows you to use software on any device.
  3. Extensibility –implemented software can be used by any number of employees.
  4. Reliability –Enterprise Portal will be available 24 hours seven days a week!

Applications Platform

SharePoint portal allows to integrate with various systems and share information from different sources. To conduct analytical work on the business processes will be at the site with the help of user-friendly features. Electronic training of employees has never been so automated before. Go full cycle for new employees will be simply and effectively.

SharePoint Projects and Services implementation and support

After creating the SharePoint portal we can draw conclusions for the whole cycle of development and break it down into stages:

  1. Requirements Analysis – statement of the problem, the study of business processes and internal structure
  2. Preparation of the initial nucleus taking into account features of the company
  3. The development of a prototype and its demonstration of the customer
  4. Programming of the working version of the project
  5. Getting Started
  6. Preparation of complete documentation
  7. SED development
  8. SharePoint integration with other software
  9. Further support for document management systems

Appointment of a corporate portal and sharepoint document management system

The transparency of the business can be achieved due to the corporate portal, which will allow:

  • Provide all employees an opportunity to obtain information
  • Interviewing and testing
  • Information and news about upcoming events
  • Restricting user access
  • To automate long-term business processes
  • To automate the exchange of documents
  • Charting, calendars
  • Ability to work with any device
  • the introduction together with CRM, ERP and other systems

Providing access to resources to employees for specific roles

Depending on the position of an employee in a company the access can be given to specific information. The corporate portal SharePoint allows to use the electronic document management with Office and a set of Community Kit in conjunction with the MSDN library. The Enterprise Portal provides a scalable business platform for managing all aspects of life.


Key features of our projects

  • NET Development
  • Optimization SharePoint standard solution by developing custom solutions
  • Integration with other systems
  • Development of SQL database

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