Information portals development

The work of a large number of employees should be as automated and simplified. Often there is a situation in which the fact, to find the necessary document takes a long time. Also itself workflow process is delayed and does not allow efficient use of working time. As a result, this leads to delays in the timing of projects. Situations like the above occur frequently. The reason is the lack of organization of the common system problems, the exchange of information within the company is difficult. Corporate Intranet Portal – will solve the problem.

Corporate Intranet Portal – is a system that simplifies the data exchange process and allows you to provide access to information and applications to all employees of the organization. This site allows you to control every stage of the business processes of the company, to train new employees, to analyze the performance of employees and organize information. A key advantage is the ability to go on a corporate portal from any device with access to the Internet.


The main functions: an information portal

Consider just a function vested in the company’s website acting as a corporate portal:

  1. The possibility of interactive work, a consultation and exchange of information “online” mode,
  2. Structuring information
  3. Mobile access 24 hr
  4. Ability to import and export documents
  5. The user can place part of the news, tutorials, pictures, videos
  6. Easy CMS with broad functionality
  7. The ability to take into account the interests of users and delivery of relevant content

With the above features, the client company can count on a significant audience growth and a rapid return on invested funds.


A full cycle portal development

Long-term experience of our team allows us to solve any problem. We do not just develop portals with the ability of  the distributed access, collaborative management, online document and many other useful features. Development of Internet applications require high skills and innovative approaches to programming. You can be sure, the creation of a corporate portal by our company will be realized with the shortest possible time.

A large volume of information in the Internet should be structured. A few years ago, the company saw no sense to invest in this direction. But now the creation of a corporate portal is simply vital. The internet – is a huge market in which the client price is much lower than offline.


Template information portal

Consider creating a Web site on the template is necessary for small companies, news agencies, individual employers, or in case of testing the additional direction. In the catalog, we have more than 45 templates for any purpose. Each is designed in accordance with the standards and support adaptive mode.

Site development templates has the following advantages:

  • Affordable price
  • Quick turnaround time.The site will be ready in a few days
  • Any object, the module can be upgraded according to your desire

Individual development Portal

The most time-consuming process is the development of web applications customized. In the process of working with such orders we carefully study the client’s needs, to delve into the business processes and taking into account the nuances we offer several layout options. After agreeing directly with the head we start coding, programming the individual modules. The development of server solutions requires high professionalism and full commitment.


Key advantages of individual development:

  • The unique design.Your site will have a unique design and color scheme. You will be able to stand out from the competition
  • Flexibility improvements.The site, made contact with the ground can be modified by other developers team
  • Development of server applications have a reliable character, before the launch of the project a multidisciplinary testing and elimination of security breaches is conducted
  • We will help you with any questions related to the work on the corporate portal

The stages of information portal development

  1. Design – is a fundamental process, which takes about 30 per cent of the total working time.It icludes drafting the TOR, the timing, posing problems.
  2. Dynamic layout – at this stage there is a coordination of the future site design, refinement in accordance with the client requirements.
  3. Programming – development of a corporate portal software, modules, components.
  4. Integration – the leading specialist of our company undertakes the layout of the site and connects the software with the design of the site.
  5. Filling the thematic content, the publication of user information.
  6. Debugging – a key step on which there is a check of conformity of the implemented project of the assigned tasks.
  7. Accommodation – development of dynamic projects requires powerful resources.We help the customer to select the server and make the portal open to all users.
  8. Letting the customer project

What we offer

Development of a corporate portal – our main activity. We can make you develop the portal on the basis of existing decisions, for example, a sharepoint, or make a development of customized solutions meeting your needs on Microsoft technologies and Oracle.

Our customers can count on:

  1. An integrated approach to the use of innovative technologies
  2. Reliability and safety of the resulting portal

Flexibility – site improvements can be led, if necessary, be other development teams.

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