Business automation

Automation of business – what it is

Business Automation is a process of transition from manual operations to innovative software solutions to do the same operation, but much faster. On the territory of the former Soviet Union under this definition, it also means the introduction of modern technologies to where they generally have not been used.

In the small and medium business automation is used in several cases:

  1. In the process of performing basic tasks (e.g. sales force automation or customer service)
  2. In minor tasks (accounting, reporting, documentation)

The purpose of process automation in the first situation will directly affect the yield, in the second situation it will reduce costs.


What is the automation systems and how they work

Factory automation system is a set of software products and services, allowing to switch from manual labor to modern technologies. In simple language sms for online store, accounting software, which helps to consider VAT – all this automation software.

Either system includes two fundamental elements: the collection of information and its presentation in the form of the required specific expertise. Thus, if a program is introduced in the sales department automation, you can control the funnel and after some time to make predictions about the expected results.

The head of the company at any time can go to such a program and evaluate staff performance, track the implementation of the plan and effectiveness.

Why do we need to automate, what it gives us

Any automation program leads to positive changes in the company. Consider a number of benefits that the organization will receive:

  • Effective organization of accounting and control – to automate accounting and operational controls takes a lot of effort, as to control the work performance is very problematic.Due to implementation of software for the automation the process will be accelerated and the risk of erroneous data is minimized.
  • A single template for documents – the company’s employees will be able to quickly take the template and fill in the necessary documents for any type of customer, and send them to the heads of the signature.
  • Timely receive any information about the current state of affairs in the company – the head will be able to monitor all the indicators, see the staff, successful in their business and also those who are not performing their duties.
  • Optimization of costs and cash expenditures – in the software a risk management program is implemented that will allow more efficient use of existing equipment and working hours.The Risk Management Program is most demanded product as a part of a program to automate.
  • Reducing the proportion of erroneous data – a mistake due to the human factor becomes practically impossible, due to the collation of data and monitoring indicators at all stages of the work
  • Powers differentiation of access to data – users can be restricted to the access to this or that information.
  • Efficiency – the time from the first “touch” to the client prior to the signing of the contract will be reduced by more than 30%.

Practice shows that in the small and medium business changes are already visible and they can be soberly assessed a few weeks after the introduction of an information system.

Which business processes can and should be automated

The best option would be the beginning of the automation of the most labor-intensive and long stages in the company’s life. It is through this already after a short time it will be possible to appreciate the product and understand that software development was not a superfluous exercise.

Previously, we have automated:

  1. Labour-intensive business processes, such as: turnover, cash flows, calculating unit cost of goods.
  2. Development of software for automating routine operations performed by marketers, logisticians, HR managers.
  3. Business automation systems for the control of receivables, inventory control, employment of personnel, control plan performing call or sales.

Automation can be carried out not strictly for the entire cycle of activity. If the situation calls for, you can begin to gradually deploy the software without interfering with the ongoing work.


How to choose software for automation

Two solutions can be used in the process of selecting software for the automation of accounting:

  1. The use of a ready-made program
  2. Development of information provision from scratch

In the first case, the issue price will not be as great as in the second. But the typical product is not always possible to completely customize to suit your needs and it is important to consider.

Selecting a particular software vendor to automate business is difficult and you have to process a large number of offers.

How much is the automation system

To give a precise answer to the question how much it will cost to develop information support is impossible. You must agree, even for shopping in the store you can spend 100 dollars and 10 thousand dollars. It depends on many factors. The cost of a particular product will consist of the tasks that lie ahead. Do box solution suitable for your situation or not. If the risk management system will be developed individually for you, the cost of the final product for the automation will be higher than the template option.

Overall automation value comprises:

  1. Software cost
  2. Expenses for personnel training, system configuration and health check
  3. The cost of further technical support

The implementation of the automation system and how to choose a contractor

It can be said that the implementation of the program is not only under the terms of business, but business under the software conditions.

Simple problems can be solved quickly and cheaply. Introducing in this case will take several hours and consists only of a particular installation of the software on the computer and testing by the initial information input operability. Immediately after the inspection you can begin to work.

In order to implement the program more complex levels may require the assistance of a specialist, who understands that the information systems, necessary to install, are complex technological products.

What are the risks in the implementation of the automation system

Of course, any changes made in the usual way business work processes involve a number of risks. Starting from exceeding the planned budget and ending the resistance of staff who does not want to work on the new standards. However, most problems can be avoided. The budget plan in advance and strictly stipulate the amount of work and terms of reference for programmers, and agree with the staff that first of all it will help them in their work. An important component will be the direct involvement of decision-makers and heads of departments.

What do we offer:

We produce the development of automated systems in several stages, with a lot of attention and time to analyze your requirements and business processes in the study of your company.

Stages of development of the automated information system:

  • Defining the destination system and the list of its functions;
  • Design of the system logic operation ;
  • The choice of the project realization means ;
  • The project – the development of software testing;
  • Formation of the system organizational and management structure.

All of our business applications are functional and created with the possibility of upgrading and increasing functionality to the needs of its customers.

Book expert consultation  for the selection of solutions for your business automation.

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